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Bring Visitors

Solid SEO and search friendly website will help bring new visitors and potential new businesses to your website.

Consumer Perception

The general consumer perception is that the higher a website is ranked in a search engine, the better and reliable the business is in meeting your needs.

Ranking Importance

Research shows that approximately 85% of all websites are found when people search on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

SEO Services For Your Business

SEO is an essential marketing channel for any business that seeks to reach an online audience. Improving your visibility on Google can have a real impact on your business. But while all good marketers understand the power of search marketing, not all have the resource, the experience or the time to invest in it. That’s were we come in!

SEO Services For Your Business

Do you know what the term Organic SEO means? It simply means, getting all the way up to Page One listings on Google without using a single paid advert! Many studies have shown that websites not ranked on Page One search engine listings are losing out on a huge amount of business. This is where we can help you… We have skilled staff here at CH Design Services, who will work with you to give you a very clever strategy in the quest to get your website to the top positions.

Reasons Why You Need SEO

High-Value Leads

Recent studies have shown that prospective customers who discover your website through organic search would, on average, result in sales of 14.6 per cent on average.

More Powerful Than Outbound Marketing

If a potential customer finds you as they’re looking for a solution to their dilemma, they’re much more open to your offer and more likely to buy.

Delivers Up To 64 Percent of All Web Traffic

One analysis evaluating more than 310 million website visits found that search engines , such as Google, accounted for 64 percent of all traffic.

SEO Traffic Beats Paid Ads

Our analysis shows that paid ads, such as Google AdWords, account for just around 10-15% of all website traffic.

What SEO Services Do We Offer?


Content optimisation helps grow your organic visibility and the ability of your website to attract the right audience.

Link Building

High-quality links are important for getting top organic rankings. We’ll help your site gain the right links in a sustainable way.

Local Seo

For businesses with a physical location or customers in a certain area, targeting a local audience.


Technical considerations lie at the foundation of SEO success. Achieve technical excellence and your website will move up the rankings FAST.

E-Commerce SEO

This service is for businesses which sell products online and and want to improve their product listings in the search results.


We will provide you with a full report which will give you a breakdown of your entire website and outline where improvements can be made.

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